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The last time we saw data structures was on the early days of graduation (for those who graduated on any technology degree) which is a loooooooooong time ago. Data structures are used on the modern languages under the hood and many of the concepts we don't know that we are even using them!

Sorting algorithms, algorithm complexity, Big O... all of this may sound gibbery! But it is actually not!

Just recently a recruiter came to be from a FAANG company inviting me to join their recruiting process, i promptly accepted! THERE IS THE POINT WHERE I SAW THROUGH THE MIRROR!

When they gave me the table of elements they would be covering on the interview, i almost panicked, my anxiety hit, but that didn't stop me from doing what i do the best, hard work and i studied like a freak.

This made me realize how narrow is everyones (or at least 99% of the every day programmer) knowledge on data structures and all these things. Tell me, how far do you actually know what is the space and time complexity of a linked list, hash map, binary tree, or even which sorting algorithm is the most efficient!

I looked for every single resource on the internet and that took me ages to get things sorted right.

I was capable of going through the first stages of the interview process, i got into the last one where i had to go through 4 interviews of 1hr each!

That was the moment, i knew i failed!

Embrace failure and know when to get sad and when to let it trigger transformations

When i got the e-mail telling me that i failed, i knew exactly the reasons and where i made mistakes! This led me to find a pourpose in life, what are my future goals and rethink where i'm exactly in life! What are the career changes i have to do to be able to reach that goal!

Failure is never a problem! Failure depends on the way that you see it!

Embrace failure, do you best, be proud!