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Written by Matheus Gonçalves da Silva Lives in brazil willing to take over the whole world!!!! o/ You should follow him on Twitter

Who am i

I'm a open source oriented developer, i tend to whatever i do think about others first and think if anything that can be done can be open sourced. SInce the beginning this made me grow so much! I was capable of learning best practices in all scenarios, new tools, new ways of coding! Everything! The way that a product and a project should grow is end user first!

Side interests

Apart from tech i'm also into crypto, including defi, yield farm, and everything related to blockchains! I'm currently learning react-native and solidty/web3js side by side on a side projetct i'm developing! This is being done in cooperation with a friend designer! We aim to deliver some really good UX and a product that actually works. We used our own needs and some friends opinions to shape up the interations and features!



Webpack and the state of bundlers - ReactConfBR


State University of Campinas

Bachelor on Systems information - 2013


Software Developer - Ifood

I'm working primarly on the main website, particularly on the checkout and payment section. Performing frontend development and doing an end to end deployment on different staging platforms (from staging to production).

Predominantly my job is to help the product to scale, with multiple teams coding into the same project, it is my job to create, modify and add ways to scale the product better, adding security updates; improving DX and updating the continuously deployment that already exists.

Software Developer - Daitan

Working primarily as a frontend developer, but doing work not related to the frontend, such as DevOps (deploying applications with docker), configuring Jenkins pipelines, debugging java code (spring-boot and apache camel).

I'm currently managing the development of two projects, where I have the opportunity to discuss with main stakeholders the needs of the project and it's requirements and also decides on the technologies used. By doing this, I managed to introduce a type system on this project and influence the rest of the team with other projects. I've been going through lots of projects where my main goal is always to become the main person there! I want to be the very best and help everyone as their needs!

I have also the experience to manage products, deal with blockers between teams, and manage stakeholders' expectations. I've been having the role of project management, project leader, and also Tech lead! I want to add the most value as possible to the products! Recently in cooperation with Paulo Campelo Selano, we introduced a design system based on the atomic design, to create shared components across other portals and products to keep the same/similar visual identity and increase the development speed! The whole design system is being developed and built on top of a monorepo architecture (with Lerna + yarn), where each component is a folder and independent from the others, but they all share common dependencies and have a common release flow! Each of the components is built with styled-components, to allow theme customization and decrease the chances of class name collision! Now that the project is in a stable state, new developers are coming in to integrate and create other components for their own requirements!

Intern Software developer - Daitan

During the internship i was able to get in touch with what the market was using in terms of tech, before that i had just read about, some of the techs i had never touched.

I started writting tests and some testing utils in python, those scripts where part of the custom built framework on top of robot framework. I got moved to a frontend project where i started working with react, later on i was able to handle the management of project and do the entire development, from contacting the client, gathering requirements to deliverying.

Then i moved to the frontend team, which i was able to learn really fast how to actually use react and redux, redux-sagas and redux-form. Within a month there, i was able to get a project to work just by myself and directly in touch with the client, getting feedback from them and working by myself.

After that project, i was rellocated to another team, where i was able to lead a small team to finish that project.


Working as a freelance for various clients, I was able to build and improve some skills: self-taught; self-management; manage time correctly; communication skills; time measuring; estimate projects correctly. I worked with a basic stack a the time being it: PHP, HTML, Mysql, Postgres, MongoDB, jquery