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My first talk ever!


So as some may know (my Brazilian audience) I had done my talk on, surprisingly, the biggest react conference in America Latina! Yes, react-conf brazil 2019!

Well, thigs were not that simple!

I was as any developer an introvert (and on my core, I'm still one) and didn't like speaking in front of many people! During weekly meetings that we had with our whole team (30 people), I had to talk and this was always a pain! My legs started to shake, I was stumbling on my words and everything was a mess!

But how did I manage to do it?

On January 30, 2019, I twitted this out, which was sort of a promise for myself!

A long time before it I started learning webpack, going through de source code, and learning the basics behind it. In July 2018 I did a remote talk for my team (20 people during that time) and I started to progress.

Then i did a local session with 10 people for my company, and things started to go incredibly well!

I submitted my talk in March 2019, met my girlfriend and everything started to align!

Something I always say and you should follow.

Set a goal, as small as it may sound, progress will boost your self-esteem and more things will come